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img 3400 Pastor Nellie Shani, founder and CEO of Breaking Barriers International, accepted the Lord as her Saviour over thirty years ago. Having been brought up in a home where her older sibling were committed Christians, she grew up going to Sunday school and praying to Jesus.

In her own words, Pastor Nellie says, “Although I was a Christian at the age ten, I really did not start having a personal relationship with Jesus until I was seventeen years old. Even then I did not really understand that God wanted to be Lord of my life, so that He had my permission to affect every decision in my life. It was only a year later after joining the Navigators, a ministry devoted to discipling believers through Bible study, Scripture memory and a commitment to applying the Word of God to our everyday lives, that I really began to grow as a Christian.”

About twenty years ago God started to teach Pastor Nellie about spiritual warfare and deliverance. “The little bit that I had heard of and seen of the deliverance ministry in Kenya put me off, and I wanted nothing to do with it! Although I came from a deeply occult background, I did not connect anything that I was going through in my Christian life with the need for deliverance from anything.” says Nellie.

God called Pastor Nellie to be taught by Him about spiritual warfare and deliverance, so that she would in turn, teach the body of Christ. After twenty years in God’s training school God asked Nellie to write all that He had taught her in books, and to start teaching groups of people. The ministry started with Nellie teaching small groups of people in home settings, before she went public.

Pastor Nellie has already published six books. She has taught this particular teaching in Kenya, Ghana, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, Burkina Faso, United States, United Kingdom, and Serbia.

A graduate of Nairobi University, Pastor Nellie is married to Dan Ole Shani and with their three children, Tetu, Silalei and Lantei, they have lived in Kenya, Zambia, Mauritania, Senegal, United States and United Kingdom. This intercultural background has given Nellie a wide spectrum of experience in the subject that she teaches about.

Asked what her personal vision is she said, “I believe that it is God’s desire that His children be set free from every bondage in their life. Therefore I would like to see this teaching spread like wild fire from Kenya to Africa, to every continent in the world through the enabling of the Holy Spirit!”

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